Look after your mind

At Noodle we believe that we should be thinking and caring for our minds in the same way we do our bodies. 


Most of us don't think twice about looking after our physical health. We do the small stuff on autopilot, like brushing our teeth, putting on moisturiser or cutting our nails. We book in for haircuts, see the doctor if we feel ill, go for regular sight tests and visit the dentist.

We know how to look after our physical health and have a good understanding of potential problems to look out for (even if we don't manage it all of the time...) whether it's exercising, knowing the best foods to eat, or physical checks like feeling for lumps.

We talk about physical health with our friends - I've been ill, I pulled a muscle, I'm so unfit, I'm on a diet. We think nothing of giving the full details. 

We want mental health to be the same!

Yet despite attitudes to mental health gradually changing, there is still no real focus on what we can do to look after our mental health on a day-to-day basis. One reason for this is that with so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start and what advice to follow. 

We hope Noodle will change this - looking after your mind is so much easier than you think. By understanding how your mind works, it starts to make sense why we can be prone to being tipped into stress, irritability or unhappiness. It also becomes clear how you can feel better. 

There are really simple things you can do to look after yourself and stay feeling your best more of the time and we want to show you how.