The story of Noodle

It all started when I was training. The ideas we learned about were fascinating, yet many of them were so simple and practical. I noticed they made a real difference to me. 

I understood how my mind worked and the simple things I could do to boost my mood. It changed how I looked at things, I was more able to step back from difficult situations and manage them better and it helped me to see that there is always more than one way of looking at things. 

Despite the theory being so intuitive, they were things I’d never known about or thought of before. I was only learning about them because I was lucky enough to be on the training course - yet it was clear to me that everyone could benefit from them. I knew I had to share these ideas! 

They could make a huge difference to how you feel whether you’re going through a difficult period or just wanting to feel your best more of the time; and knowing these things might even prevent more serious mental health problems.


This set me on a mission to make psychology more accessible and better understood.

We all look after our physical health, whether it’s going to the doctors, the gym or eating well. Looking after our mental health can be just as simple and it’s definitely just as important. Yet despite attitudes to mental health gradually changing, there is still no real focus on what we can do to take care of our mental health. 

This is something I’m desperate to change.

After training I co-authored a series of six self-help books, to share the ideas I’d learned about. Amazingly the books are now sold all over the world. It’s confirmed there is a real interest in these topics and a need for more information, but the books weren't enough.


I wanted to create something that felt more like therapy. Interactive regular sessions that are evidence based and so proven to work. Offering motivation and encouragement to keep you on track and a place to record your experiences and chart your progress. I also wanted something free so anyone could try it.

That’s when I came up with the idea for Noodle. A free iOS that will teach you to look after your mind in the same way you look after your body - so you keep mentally fit and gain the most from every day.

Looking after your mind is so much simpler than you think, but it can be hard to know where to start and what advice to follow. I hope Noodle will change this.

Noodle delivers evidence based bite sized psychology tips, research and advice, so you understand how your mind works and learn strategies to feel your best. The ideas are straight forward and easy to put into practice and the core component of the app - daily noodle and the diaries - will remain free - forever.

My motto is “what we do every day makes the biggest difference, it’s the small steps that lead to the greatest changes.” How we feel is a natural product of all of our choices, but especially the small choices each of us makes every day (you can listen to my TEDx talk to hear more about this). It’s this every day approach that is at the heart of Noodle.

To make this dream a reality I’ve joined forces with a small team of amazing people who share the same values. We want to make mental health less scary and more manageable and as part of our promise to make a difference and raise awareness of mental health, we will also be giving back at least 10% of our profits to mental health charities.