The Science behind Noodle

Noodle works on specific topics such as happiness, anxiety, sleep, stress and confidence with the over-arching aim of making life feel more meaningful. Research shows that those who feel real meaning and purpose have a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness. 


Everything within the app is developed by a clinical psychologist and sessions are ‘evidence-based’ which means they have been tested in trials and proven to improve mood. This means it’s not just what we think is good (though we do think it’s pretty amazing!) it’s also backed up by science.

We want to ensure everyone can have access to the many scientifically tested and effective strategies that they can follow and fit into their daily routines, such as CBT, Compassion focussed therapy and Positive Psychology (all are proven to be effective at preventing as well as curing).

We also want to keep moving the research forward, by understanding how the benefits of psychology translate to app-based training and will be carrying out our own studies to answer these questions.


Here at Noodle we draw on five key areas of psychology:

  1. Positive psychology is the study and understanding of wellbeing, happiness, optimism, altruism, courage, love, personal strengths and creativity. Health benefits include increased life span, ability to see greater possibilities in life, better psychological and physical well being. Lower rates of depression and better coping skills during tough times.
  2. Compassion focussed therapy promotes wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion. It increases happiness, boosts health, increases resistance to illness, helps you gain perspective and is good for communities and society.
  3. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a brilliant treatment that has been rigorously tested in trials, helping with everything from depression to anxiety, to insomnia and low self esteem. It studies the relationships between our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and environment and is focused on helping you to understand the problems you’re facing so you can manage the difficulties in your life.
  4. Mindfulness is a psychological and behavioural philosophy based on hundreds of years of study in Eastern traditions. Practising mindfulness increases levels of happiness and wellbeing long-term. People who practice regularly report feeling less anxious, stressed, depressed, exhausted and irritable.
  5. Evolutionary psychology is focused on how evolution has shaped our minds and behaviour. Bringing together psychology and evolutionary biology to provides a better understanding of human experience and behaviour.

We’ve adapted these techniques to fit with your life (we know how precious your time is!) and have developed one app for all your mental health needs - from gratitude diaries to guided meditations.