Noodle helps you make small changes that add up to big differences and will transform how you feel.

Noodle is a mobile app that delivers bite-sized psychology to your phone, to help you feel your best and increase confidence.

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Noodle is based on the 15-years-experience of its founder, Dr Jessamy Hibberd, a London-based Clinical Psychologist, author, and speaker. She wants to help more people than she can in her one-to-one sessions.

Unlike most other apps, Noodle uses evidence-based techniques that are proven to rapidly make a difference, so you keep mentally fit and gain the most from every day. 

Noodle is suitable for anyone who wants to feel happier, sleep better, or worry less.

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We'll be launching Noodle later this year. 

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Noodle shows you how you can make small changes to your thinking that will make a big difference. 

Noodle works on specific topics such has happiness, anxiety, sleep, stress and confidence with the over-arching aim of making life feel more meaningful.

Research shows that those who feel real meaning and purpose have a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness.

By using Noodle for 5-minutes a day, you will:

  • Better understand your mind
  • Feel happier, calmer and less stressed more of the time
  • Develop a positive focus  
  • Build resilience 
  • Live a fulfilled happy life

We designed Noodle because we want psychology to be accessible to everyone.

We truly believe Noodle can make a BIG difference, but we need your help to make it a reality!


Our Promise

Our mission is to make mental health less scary and more manageable.

We pledge to keep the core of Noodle free - forever.

As part of our promise to make a difference and raise awareness of mental health, we will be giving back at least 10% of all profits to mental health charities.