We DO have a choice in how we mentally approach life and Noodle shows you how

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Easy to understand

By understanding how your mind works, it starts to make sense why we can be prone to being tipped into stress, irritability or unhappiness. It also becomes clear how you can feel better.

Evidence based

Sessions are developed by a clinical psychologist and are ‘evidence-based’ which means they have been tested in trials and proven to improve mood.

Personalised to your needs

Tailored to suit you. You can plot your own course, save your favourite sessions and build a record of your progress.

Interactive diary

Keep a personal record as you work through the sessions. Make a note of the good things that have happened, keep a gratitude diary, reflect on your day and track your mood and sleep.

Simple every day approach

If you want to make changes, it’s the small steps that really count. They’re more closely within your control, you can start with them straight away and it’s small steps that lead to big changes!

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Noodle draws on five key areas of psychology:

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY is the study and understanding of wellbeing, happiness, optimism, altruism, courage, love, personal strengths and creativity.

COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY promotes wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY studies the relationships between our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and environment. 

MINDFULNESS is a psychological and behavioural philosophy based on hundreds of years of study in Eastern traditions

EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY is focused on how evolution has shaped our minds and behaviour.

Committed to making a difference

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Our mission is to make mental health less scary and more manageable.

We are committed to giving back at least 10% of all profits to mental health charities.

We pledge to keep the core of Noodle free - forever.

Please help support us! With your backing we really think this could be something great.

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